Of course you have questions...

Why do I need Hosting?

Hosting is the web space that contains your website. Without it, your website would not be live on the web.

Why do I need a domain name?

Your domain name is your unique web address. This is how visitors will find you.

I used to have a domain name, what happened to it?

If you had a domain name we will try and help you find out what happened to it and regain it if possible.

What if I already have my own e-mail marketing and social networking?

We would evaluate your current service and help you switch it if it is too costly or time consuming. We could also manage your current programs.

What if I want to take over the e-mail marketing and networking myself?

Many developers lock you into their services by controlling these elements of your site. We work with the industry’s best third party programs that you can control at any time.

What if I am happy with my current website and just want you to do my social networking and e-mail marketing?

Our services include e-mail marketing and social networking regardless if you have a website with us or not.

What if I need changes to my website?

We encourage you to keep your website up to date. We do not inflate our fees for changes. If you have a website that you can not update yourself, we will do the changes and charge by an hourly basis of $25.00 an hour. All changes will be quoted before any work is done so there are no surprises.

What if I want an e-commerce website or a more detailed website?

We would listen to your needs and quote you accordingly. If we don’t feel we can do your project cost effectively then we will guide you into the right direction to get your project complete.

What if I want to move my website from you in the future?

We have made sure that you are not “locked” into our services like other developers. There are no contracts so you can take over management at any time.

I have very little internet experience, can I just "set it and forget it"?

Yes, you need no internet experience for our services. We will handle all your web needs and social networking from little input from you.

What if I have no content, no photos?

Not a problem, we have stock libraries that we can use expert stock photos as well as work with you to create your content.

Do you do photography, video or sound production?

We do not but On Track Design is constantly working with professionals throughout the industry and can recommend individuals or companies that are reputable.

What's the capitol of North Dakota?

HA! Just seeing if you are paying attention – but to save you from googling.. it’s Bismark. 🙂